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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Calvary Outreach Revival Center (known as CORC) is a Pentecostal Apostolic church which beliefs are based solely on the Bible, which is the Word of God. We are Pentecostal by the experience according to Acts 2:4, Apostolic because we accept the standard of Holy living established by God and heralded by the Apostles in the
establishment of the church according to Acts 2:42; I Peter 1:16. This site is filled with literature, pictures, videos and history to show how God dwells in CORC. We have many aspect within CORC such as the In His Presence Conference, Youth Mega Fest, Future Expansion, and Project C3. There is plenty of work that need to done in the Kingdom of God, and CORC is here to help expand the Kingdom.
Pastor Irving Taylor

Pastor Irving Taylor

Senior Pastor

I bring greetings to you in that precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Calvary Outreach and Revival Center is a Holy Ghost, spirit filled, bible believing church. The Lord has directed us to lead people into the next generation of worship and service. Our Ministry here has been blessed with many youth. The Lord spoke a word into my heart that I have learned to cherish and follow unto this day.

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First Lady Taylor

First Lady Taylor

First Lady

I want to personally thank you for visiting our website. Through the years, the Lord has proven Himself and in Him I will continue to put my trust. The power of prayer and faith in God has sustained our ministry. I thank God for the vision that is embarked upon Pastor Taylor and myself. As we take our spiritual walk, God has secured our faith in Him. I am fulfilling my place in the ministry as the helpmate to my husband and pastor. Together, we are leading a new generation of worshippers into their destined place in the kingdom of God.


No Prayer…No Power, Little Prayer, Little Power…MUCH Prayer, MUCH Power

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“Thank you for visiting our website”

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Pastor Irving Taylor

Founder/Senior Pastor

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